First-Time Landlord offers a personalized one-on-one crash course on landlording.  

When it comes to being a landlord, learning by trial and error can be costly.  Regardless of where you stand in the process, FTL will help you get into the game with knowledge about what it takes to succeed and the tools with which to successfully place your first tenant.  As a beginning landlord, or maybe just a landlord who could use a few new tips, FTL can offer another way of looking at your tenants with positive results.

With over 20 years of experience, Gretchen has developed a proven process for placing and maintaining reliable tenants. Following our “Guide to Successful Tenant Relations”  you have the opportunity to tap into wisdom garnered from years of experience working with tenants.  We also offer tricks to making your rental unit desirable through rental market highs and lows.  Learn to deal with difficult situations. And, most importantly, how to develop the kind of relationship with your tenants that will make renting a positive experience for everyone.  With the guidance of experience, becoming a landlord for the first time can be an exciting adventure!

What we offer:

One-on-one crash course in landlording – Whether you are just considering the possibility and want to have a realistic picture of what to expect or you are all ready to go with a unit in mind, we can provide the information you need including the latest legislation.

Legislation – what are the latest laws surrounding rental properties, and how do they affect landlords.

Tenant Placement – After 20 years, we have not missed one month of rent, issued one document for non-compliance or been the victims of damage to our property. Working within the law, learn our proven process on how to get the best possible tenants in your unit.

Unit Evaluations – What do you  look for in a unit or how can you zest up your existing unit to maximize rents, attract better tenants and safeguard your unit during volatile rental markets?  Let us give you our low-cost tricks to add to your monthly rent.

And more….

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“Gretchen was a fantastic influence when it came time for my husband and I to buy our first house.  We found a house that had a mother-in-law space to rent out and it has worked out great over the years.”   -Rebecca R.