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Gretchen Bear, owner

Gretchen Bear is the face and voice behind First-Time Landlord.  As a landlord for 20 years and also as the former owner of Rental Turnover Services and other building management, Gretchen has successfully placed hundreds of tenants. Her background in marketing for both Quaker State and Boise Cascade was the perfect warm-up to marketing her own rental properties.

Gretchen currently teaches Landlording 101 at  North Seattle Community College (and others).

Gretchen’s approach to being a landlord is rooted in the importance of a respectful tenant-landlord relationship.  Being a small-time landlord can be very rewarding with the right tenants and the right attitude.



“I was a tenant of her’s for three years, and all I ever saw from Gretchen was friendliness, promptness, professionalism, attentiveness, and trust – a dream landlord.” – Matthew D.

“Gretchen brings her years of experience into a systematic way of approaching renting your home. Her energy, enthusiasm and expertise made the process manageable. We met our income and timeline goals along with finding the perfect tenants! We couldn’t have done it without her guidance.”  -Deborah B.

“Namaste. Peace be with you. You do a great job.” – Char

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